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Row, kayak, or paddle with us  -
25 K round the island of Venø


Is an island in the fjord “Limfjorden” which passes through the mainland of Jutland and connects the North Sea with the Kattegat.

Venø is often referred to as the Heart of Limfjorden, as the northern part of the island is shaped as a heart.

Placed in the northwestern part of Denmark, 7,5 km long and 1,5 at the widest, Venø was formed during the ice age and by the waters of the stone ages.

Today, Venø is a part of the Unesco Geopark Vestjylland. Despite of its size, the island has a variety of nature, with both green fields, brown heaths, steep slopes, and forest areas.

When rowing or paddling around the island you will meet a variety of seabirds - and ringed seals may follow you some of the way.

Last of the Vikings

Venø is a narrow island heading north south. To the east you will row and paddle a long the coast in Venø Bugt (Bay of Venø), where the water is open an exposed to easterly winds and waves.

To the west is Venø Sund (Sound of Venø), which is more protected waters between Venø and the mainland to the west. In 1085 King Knud II of Denmark assembled a giant Viking army on board 1600 ships for a last attempt to concur England.


The fleet was anchored in Venø Sund, protected, but still close to the outlets into the North Sea, waiting for favourable easterly winds.


The wind didn’t come. The men and chiefs revolted against the King and went home. It’s said to be the end of the Viking ages.

At this years Venø Rundt we gather again – some 939 years later.

Venø rundt med ny blå og hjerte.jpg

Entry and Registration 

1. All entries boats, crafts, and board must be made on the webpages – with number of crew – and full payment must have been received by 1st June 2024. 

2. Final confirmation of Crew members and their names must be listed on the Starting Documnet at the mandatory Safety Briefing (Skippers meeting).

3  All single participants and Team Skippers must particpate in the mandatory Safety Briefing before starting. All participants and/or team members are welcome at the Safety Briefing. All participants and/or team members must have read the "Team Safety-document" before starting the race.


4. Team Safety Document will include all latest and updated information about the route, navigation, weather and safety.  


Start, route and finish.

5. There will be 2 starting groups.

 Start 1: ”The early morning group” will start between 0500 and 0700 hrs. The crews must attend the skippers meeting the evening June 7th at 2000 hrs.


 Start 2: ”The day group” will start between 1000 and 1200 hrs. The crews must attend the skippers meetings at June 7th 2000 hours or June 8th at 0830 hrs or 1030 hrs.


6 . The starting time within start group is optional. When leaving the team reports at the Race Office "Løbskontoret". The Starting Document" and the Team Safety-document" must be presented


7. "Løbskontoret" gives the "go" to start (either from the beach or the ponton). Time for the participant/team starts at the"go". 


8.. Route:  Venø rundt 


9. Timing is controlled by Venø Rundt ”Løbskontoret".  


10. Finish and end time whn returning and reporting on shore at "løbskontoret".  Finishers, particiants, teams and timing will be updated on the webpages during the day.





11. All team members must bring suitable lifejacket, clothes water and food to stay safe during the race.


12. Every team/craft must bring a fully powered mobile phone. The phones dialling number must written on the Team Safety Document presented prior the start.

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